College dating at a hbcu

25-Nov-2014 15:43

In what you would think would be one of the safest places in America is no longer the case.Going back at least twenty five years there has been a significant increase in violence on American college campuses. Fortunately, ‘knock on wood’, HBCUs have not experienced the types of mass shootings that have occurred at predominately white institutions such as Virginia Tech.

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The violence at HBCUs typically involves a non-enrolled person and an enrolled student.The majority of these confrontations take place off-campus.The old boyfriend is left behind in their hometown.She meets a new guy in college and the two create a relationship.

Unfortunately, that mantra is increasingly being used by students heading off to college.Those sentiments are echoed by their by parents and other love ones. The truth be told, there is no such thing as a one hundred percent safe place in America.

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