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09-Mar-2015 23:27

For instance, if you tell a girl she looks beautiful and proceed to look her up and down THAT IS CREEPY!If you tell a girl she has nice calves, or legs, or other areas for example, because THAT IS CREEPY!There are exceptions to this rule of course (if she points them out or there are other special circumstances). Text her Most girls love to talk and when you are not face to face, texting is the next best thing for a time-crunched college student.Most important: make sure your compliments are genuine and you do not overdo them. Calling her on the phone is even better, but it depends if your girl likes talking on the phone or not and if you both have the time for it.You want to be attractive to the ladies not repellent to them. Compliment her when you see her It is a subtle way to show your interest and make her feel great! This is college after all, and some days we don’t give it a lot of effort.But when we try to look good, hearing positive feedback really raises our spirits.

I’m no relationship expert, but I can speak for myself and many other college girls about what is attractive to us, and what is not. Shower daily, brush your teeth, stay shaved/trimmed, and keep your hair tidy.If you want wear a little cologne, stay away from cheap cologne like Axe or Tag: they are reminiscent of junior high school and do not have very appealing fragrance.The best way to pick the perfect fragrance for you is to have a girl help you pick out the right cologne.Eventually she will lose interest or think you are not into her.

If you tell a girl she is beautiful and smart 24/7 you come off as either fake or worse: desperate. Texting is really sweet but you need to find a balance.If she is constantly the last one to text in the conversation (not counting one word goodbyes) you probably are not texting enough.