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"Hi everyone This is Lucas, and as you might know already, I did yesterday my first paid WSO. – If you have a quality list of decent size, you should, like many of my clients, have no problem generating cool sales in the very first hour you send an email to your list. Especially if you want to enjoy outrageously high conversions. Plus many weird niches you probably don't even want to know about! Studying, dissecting and analyzing the masters of copywriting and their work (daily) have imprinted in my brain more persuasion tactics, techniques and winning strategies than most other copywriters could ever come up with on their own, such as: – How did I get a whopping 78% opt-in rate for my client (a fellow Warrior)? By using a psychological “trick” that can, and SHOULD, be applied to all squeeze pages.All I can say is if you’ve bought SEO or design services from the forum, then chances are, you did so from a sales letter of mine. I have a “first-hour sales” fetish when it comes to email copywriting. The part I liked the most was getting in touch with KENNY. – When you apply presell techniques in your content, especially in your blog posts, articles, product reviews and giveaway reports, your prospects can’t help but be primed to gobble up your product when it’s launched. who specializes in eliminating the competition and positioning your business for roaring success... In fact, if you browse the forum today, you’ll see my sales letters have created the most viewed, most visited, most trusted best-selling products and services sales threads that are making my clients serious money day in day out. Let me tell you, it was a crazy ride and very enjoyable. Much of my daily copywriting work involve these babies because my emails happen to be extremely profitable sales magnets that have enabled my clients (many product owners & affiliate marketers) to pull in loads of cash on a daily basis. Having teamed up with names and brands you would instantly recognize if I revealed, in a myriad of markets, niches and industries, I can share with you this: If you’re running an online business, and you aren’t holding hands with a direct response copywriter you can trust...

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It was a great experience, but the most important thing was I will be giving all my copywriting works to kenny in the future. He is a pleasure to deal with, responsive to communication, and he "Nailed" what I was looking for. You can look forward to quickly expanding your online empire, scaling your profits to greater heights, and giving yourself and your family a good life. Then like many of my clients, you can not only stand out from the competition and enjoy more sales than you can handle... As a Forex trading coach once screamed, “But please don't take more clients in my niche as it will only make it difficult to compete with your sales letters! Kenny took the time and patience to work with me on this. I have been dealing with Kenny for about a week, he has been re-vamping my squeeze page. Because you know the And when the cash comes pouring in... They build 7-figure businesses and allow my clients to create a legacy for themselves in this hyper-competitive world. Because I’ve got something more important to discuss with you right now, and it’s about... Killer whales, sea lions, bald eagles are out to chomp them to bits. then you can forget about building a thriving online business. If your sales copy is crafted with in persuasion, positioning, framing, story-telling, objection-handling, and imbued with other million dollar copywriting techniques and strategies... I must say you exceeded my expectations on your copywriting and specially your attentions on details. No, their biggest fear is that I write sales copy for the competition. Now, since my first WSO was launched and thanks to Kenny we made it possible to convert at almost 10% which in my opinion is a great conversion rate. If you don’t have sales, you don’t have a business. And also enabled ambitious entrepreneurs to crush their competition in the fiercest niches like... Then comes the actual copy revamp to start exploding your sales through the roof! My sales letters don’t just generate crazy sales for my clients. to out-position, out-convert and out-perform your competitors... But please don't take more clients in my niche as it will only make it difficult to compete with your sales letters! My clients’ #1 fear is not illegal immigrants, terrorists or The End of The World. I mean, probably you don`T like either spending money without knowing how its gonna convert and if it will do so. If these two pieces of the puzzle do not match, your sales will never gain traction, and you’ll end up like most marketers, business owners and entrepreneurs who continue to struggle in frustration and desperation, ultimately going nowhere, and achieving nothing. I’ve written sales copy for #1 Clickbank products, helped numerous marketers and entrepreneurs build ultra-profitable businesses from scratch purely on the strength of my sales letters... In a nutshell, a ton of research goes into both your market and your product (or service). Let's take the Internet marketing niche for example... If your sales copy is not of the highest calibre...

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For me being a newbie and needing a Copywriter for the first time was something pretty scary. – It’s no secret how I routinely transform clients’ underperforming copy to double even triple sales. So if our little furry friends want to survive, hold hands they must! “That’s interesting Kenny, I never knew that about sea otters. Then like the lone sea otter, you could quickly find yourself in deep trouble. With more savvy business owners, intelligent marketers and big-budget entrepreneurs taking to online marketing than ever before, you can be sure that whatever product or service you’re planning on launching, you WILL face extreme competition. All these Internet marketing “gurus” are instructing their students to do the same. There’s a whole list of marketers doing the same this very moment. Check out how many sales threads there are right now on this forum and Black Hat World forum operating daily. My point is this: No matter how great your product or service is...

Oh my god, what a copywriter, Kenny, took his time, to get to know me, get to understand me and get to see the best way to work my sales letter out. It’s exactly how I made a client thousands of dollars in affiliate sales in the MEGA competitive Forex niche, with just ONE presell article that was published on Ezine Articles. Well, please allow Kenny the Sea Otter Expert to share with you. and ultimately getting results for you in the form of more calls and enquiries, subscribers, sales and profits... Want to launch a Web Design or SEO service on the forum?

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