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27-Sep-2015 23:29

“He told me to go straight to the emergency room,” Landon said. Landon, who works at a restaurant and has no insurance benefits, was devastated.He has monthly payments due on an auto loan, a student loan and the apartment he shares with a friend.That figure has been disputed over the years, but most experts agree that medical debt is still the No. The reasons people find themselves drowning in medical debt usually are not as dramatic as Landon’s, but it can happen just as quickly.The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau reported in 2015 that medical debts account for 52% of bills at collection agencies.In fact, collection agencies report to Experian, Equifax and Trans Union right away and that can have a severe negative impact on your credit score.Though there are several avenues for medical debt consolidation, bankruptcy becomes a popular choice.

Jerry Landon is a healthy 23-year-old who came down with chest pains and a terrible cough last Thanksgiving, but he thought he was successfully treated with a visit to a walk-in clinic.

The doctor there took a chest x-ray, handed him a prescription and told him to go home and rest.

When Landon woke up the next day, the cough was gone and so was the pain in his chest.

In fact, other than the 0 bill from the walk-in clinic, he said he felt fine. His walk-in clinic doctor had showed Landon’s x-ray to another doctor, who thought he spotted serious problems with Landon’s lungs. He quickly was checked in and spent two nights in the hospital, getting poked, prodded and examined before a pulmonologist came in, looked at the chart and told him to go home, everything was fine. Landon’s bill for two nights at the hospital, with x-rays, MRIs and what have yous added on, was ,963.

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There isn’t to spare in his budget, let alone ,000. That is a common question from many people when medical bills put them in a financial emergency.When his hospital debts were turned over to a collection agency eight months later, Landon waved the white flag and declared bankruptcy. It is especially difficult to handle when the bills come from several doctors and hospitals and frustration mounts.