Corvette ls2 2016 ecu updating

23-Nov-2015 14:43

6) You can just bump the turn signal (up or down) for it to signal for 3 ticks.

7) There's also a keyhole above the rear license plate to put a key to open the hatch if you don't have your fob nearby.

10) Most light switches that you push to turn a light ON/OFF are ON when the buttonis held into the depressed position, and OFF when the button is pushed again and released to the "out" position.

But the reading lights on the rearview mirror that are controlled by the buttons on either side of the rearview mirror in the C6 are OFF when they are in the "in" position, and ON when the button is pushed to the "out" position.

12) If you hold the ignition rocker switch in the on (down) position for about 20 sec.

the car goes into full on mode (same as "ign" with a key car) without the engine starting.

This allows you to program the DIC and run all accessories etc without starting the engine.

13) The handle to pull the hatch down was on the C6 through the middle of the 2007 model year.

9) Better hook-up a battery tender if the car is going to sit for longer than 3 weeks.11) There's an orange light that shines down from the on the passenger visor clip that is just simply an area light to give a little low-level light ambiance to your driving experience at night.It was dropped in the 2008 model year in about February as a running change.C6 Corvette Tips and SECRETS: These where found on the web and I do not take any credit for them just thought I would past them on to anyone that may have not seen it. G force on the HUD during the current engine on cycle. 4) The car will remind you to shut off your turn signal if left on for more than 3/4 mi.

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1) There's a button on the rear fascia to open the rear hatch. 5) Headlamps automatically turn on if using wipers.

14) The button on the panel to the left of the steering wheel/column controls the level of the instrument lighting, but also turns the interior lights ON/OFF.

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