Creative dating profiles

17-Mar-2016 20:14

Stick to the right length Avoid long-winded descriptions of yourself if you want to get noticed.

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Make it witty Dating profiles that are fun to go through are bound to elicit a higher number of responses that those that are ponderous and self-congratulatory.

This does not mean that you should include bawdy humor or dirty jokes while describing yourself.

Just keep it witty and add a dose of light humor so that potential candidates can see you for the smart and fun-loving person that you are.

Highlight the unique Most dating profiles come across as lackluster and boring because they are a mish mash of the typical and non-informative.

A few examples are “Just like a new job, I offer excellent benefits”, “New girl on the block needs a tour guide” “Any good e-males out there”.You may make it as humorous or philosophical as you want but just be sure that it is clever and catchy.