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11-Mar-2015 18:30

However, only two of the table showed up in the list.I tried reinserting the captions from scratch, but to no avail.I've got a document in Word 2007 in which I'm trying to insert cross reference to various figures and tables.As I'm working through it, I have noticed that seemingly random figures and tables are missing from the lists in the cross references dialog.I then started looking at the figure list and discovered the same problem.Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.Here are the corresponding field codes for the tables: Table 1 - { SEQ Table \* ARABIC }; Table 2 - { SEQ Table \* ARABIC }.Does anybody know what might be going on here and how I can fix it? Bill Lugg Bill, Are any of the tables/figures inside text boxes?

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Bill Lugg Well, I was finally able to answer my own question. It turns out that change tracking was wreaking havoc with figure and table numbers in the cross reference lists.

I finally went through and selectively accepted changes to all the figure and table titles and the missing figures reappeared in the list.

For example, Figure 9 is missing, but figure 8 is present in the list - here are the field codes for the two figures in the documents (inserted automatically by the insert caption tool): Figure 9 - { SEQ Figure \* ARABIC }; Figure 8 - { SEQ Figure \* ARABIC }.

Likewise for the tables, Table 1 appears in the list, but table 2 does not.

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I've found that if you do this they do not show up in the cross reference list.You can convert the text box to a frame, in the Text Box dialog, and then they will again show up. I did have the table captions in the first row of the table so that they would repeat from page to page, but then I discovered this problem, so I moved them out.

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