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31-Jul-2015 23:58

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Especially, when the successful and Daesung funny jokes on the show. In the past Daesung has dreamed of becoming a baseball player, a priest, and an MC. Daesung wants fans to stop doing: touch them / hold them.

A gift from a fan who touched Daesung is full journal article.

At the blunt end of a pencil was stuck to the back.

This is an entirely new pencil when they first start the journal but after using it, it was to be short and boring.

Daesung has an obsession and can not live without “Doraemon”, a Japanese cartoon.

It was not created because Daesung is really GOOD at jokes .. Daesung to continue his dream of becoming a singer, even against the wishes of the family.

During the first year Daesung got 85 points, which is the best in high school.