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The Yates family has been prominent in golf in Georgia for decades; Charles, Dan and Danny each won the Georgia State Amateur Championship.Still, having a brother who was close to Jones and being a member himself brought no special privileges, Yates said."When I joined the club, my tickets were reduced," he said. And the thing I always remembered was they used to put the trophy out in front of the pro shop."I complained to my brother, who was secretary of the club, and he said, ' Don't complain to me.' He said, ' My tickets were reduced, too.' "Roberts, the club's co-founder, ran a tight ship, Yates said."I was scared of him as I was of a rattlesnake. "The first year I was on the press committee and I was in a golf cart and I backed into a Pinkerton man. The next day after he got onto me he backed into the trophy."Roberts was innovative in the changes he brought to tournament golf, Yates said."I think he did so many great things for golf that nobody had even thought about before," he said."But everybody respected him."Yates once got a chance to dine with Eisenhower."My brother Charles was with the railroad.He has attended every Masters since the gathering of Jones and his friends was first held in 1934.

His best ones revolve around the men who built Augusta National, Jones and Clifford Roberts, and the president who helped popularize golf.

Growing up in the shadow of East Lake Golf Club, the home course for Jones, Yates and his older brother, Charles, would tag along and watch the golf great during his rounds.