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23-May-2015 13:39

Its causing quite a fuss and to make matters worse she didnt open the store on time and the other employee want to know what deal is.

The owner and asst manger kept it a secret for about 6 months. these situations invariably end in tears for all parties concerned.

Just follow company policy for what is normally done when something is wrong.

As far as their relationship I think that's their private life and stay out of it unless it directly involves work related issues.

So I personally would approach the owner and let them know that this is/has caused problems and it is not fair to the other employees.

(Of course if this is happening often)I am a district manager working on our 3rd store and one of the asst managers at on the stores is now openly dating our owner.

im afraid and if handled incorrectly results in one going from the business.

Whilst the relationship between the owner and a member of staff is a private one and it would be wrong for you to offer your opinion as such whilst it is private and separate from the business its a whole different ball game if this private relationship spills out into the business arena and starts effecting the working

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The owner and asst manger kept it a secret for about 6 months. That is definately unacceptable, as far as opening late, etc., if it is happenning often.

Was this a one time occurence or is it occuring often?