Dating a black muslim

23-Dec-2014 18:33

If you were the most richest, famous, prettiest woman in the world, his family and himself still would find you (wife material)... Let me tell you if you have a sister and she has a boyfriend ofcourse if the boyfriend is not muslim, he will sleep with your sister and enjoy her. I just broke up with my fiance, a muslim from Karachi.again if she breaksup with the her boyfriend she will again get a new boyfriend and will sleep with him. He is now in Canada studying and he has had it bad.I am not a muslim so in a way I don't get where he is coming from.ways it feels like he is trying to ditch me although he says he is not.. This type of marriage existed in pre islamic era among arabs and in the medieval ages. In many hadith (authentic islamic books next to quran) it is said that the prophet himself abolished it. If anyone is practicising it, it means he is using a false interpretation to fulfill his convenience. Racism, prejudice, these terms are overused and are applied in situations where they are not appropriate.Becoming a single mother in 1966 to a half-African child (muslim father) put me and my son straight into the firing line of both racism and prejudice.He is using you and waiting for someone who was raised just as he was. But that doesn't make all Muslim men selfish and manipulative as the ones you have dated.Muslim men want to make there parents/family happy. I know this is harsh but I can tell, already, that you have these thoughts of no future with him. Give your life, love, and yourself to a man who loves you. Hey JB Only a man can understand the being a man feeling you cant, Thats why they feel that if anyone of them loses their control they can break the barrier.

He was not use to seeing women dress so sparingly..admits to having lustful thoughts and he has fought with it since going to Canada.My issue with him is that face to face we can not touch but when he and I are on skype he treats me like I am his.."No, he is not adopted, I had him before I was married" was my response to "polite" questions from people and I could see their judgement in their faces.Funnily enough, a few weeks ago I had a chat with a muslim friend over coffee and when I mentioned that I had my oldest child as a single mother, he suddenly stared straight ahead with his eyes glazed over. I know there is a problem with dating people who originate from a different culture.

he ***** and enjoys a sexual relationship..use to laugh and say that he and I were like the couple in the movie the Notebook..argue and we make up...onscreen sex..last night he told me no more of it..he now feels bad about it he also laid a bunch of rules out for me and in all honesty I was in shock.