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09-Jul-2016 12:13

I have seen grown ass men do everything short of get down on their knees and suck off the client’s CEO just to make sure he’s happy.

I won’t even go into the toll it takes on the children who are essentially raised without a male influence in their lives.

At first, this may sound surprising, given that the general rule of thumb in America is that as you rise in the ranks of an organization, you gain more control of your life.

Most wives of senior investment bankers rarely see their husbands, because they’re constantly on the road and often have to travel at a moment’s notice.

Even when they are home, they rarely leave their work at the office, and it’s normal for them to comment on documents and take phone calls late into the evening and on weekends.

The ones who have left banking told me the article induced Vietnam-style PTSD flashbacks, and for that, I apologize.

While I had no intention of writing on this subject matter again, there was one person who felt I missed a crucial component of the analyst’s story.

Before we return to the story of Bill, our budding analyst, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that relationships are hard at all levels of the investment bank, not just the analyst level (DISCLAIMER: as with the last article, I am discussing corporate investment banking, not sales and trading, etc.).

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Last week, I wrote an article about what it’s like to be an investment banking analyst.

Most of my friends who are still in the industry said the article told their story well.

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