Dating a former sorority girl

27-Jun-2016 01:38

Had she known there was a chance she may have been let back in, she may not have walked away, she said.

Still, she’s proud that she stood up for herself, and she’s encouraging other sorority members to do the same if they disagree with their chapters.

She thought the issue was resolved until chapter executives called her into a meeting. Chi Omega leaders berated her for posting the picture and claimed Workman had a bad attitude when they asked her to take down the image, according to the recording.

The sorority then moved to revoke Workman’s membership — but she quit before they could complete the process. The chapter insisted that Workman was reprimanded for her attitude, not the photo, but the junior maintained she was never disrespectful.

She texted a chapter adviser to ask about the rule after she was asked to remove the photo, but the conversation never got aggressive.

“All I did was text the personnel chair and ask for clarification,” she told GMA.

The Nebraska sorority girl who was kicked out of her chapter for wearing her letters in a “risqué” photo on her dating website profile maintains there’s nothing wrong with the innocent, grinning photo.

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But chapter officials claimed the photo violated the club’s “human dignity” rule — and posting the “probative” and “risqué” picture brought disdain to the chapter. NEBRASKA STUDENT KICKED OUT OF SORORITY OFR TINDER PROFILE “I see happiness — a bid day for a sorority girl is like Christmas,” she said on Good Morning America Wednesday.

“I was with my best friends.” The sorority asked Workman to take the image off of her Tinder profile, and the junior complied, she said.