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More » The cello is essentially a large violin but its body is thicker.It is played the same way as the violin, by rubbing the bow across the strings.A banjo is a stringed instrument that is played using different techniques such as the Scruggs-style or the "clawhammer".It also comes in different types and some manufacturers even experimented on other forms by blending the banjo with another instrument.This is an alphabetized list of musicians who have made notable use of Gibson Guitar models in live performances or studio recordings.

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But if you can play the violin standing up, the cello is played sitting down while holding it between your legs.More » This instrument is like a huge cello and is played the same way, by rubbing the bow across the strings.More » The origin of guitars may have dated back to 1900-1800 B. More » The lute is another musical instrument popularly used during the Medieval Period and still very much enjoyed to this day.The lute is quite a beautiful instrument, both aesthetically and tonally.

These instruments produce sound when strummed, plucked, struck or slapped.Under the Sachs-Hornbostel system, these instruments are classified as chordophones.