Dating a goody two shoes

06-Jul-2015 06:43

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If a TRUE believer comes into ones life, one will notice that no condemnation is being spouted.

I just hope you can hang in there, as your friend really needs YOUR blessing in order that she might grow & blossom in her faith (that sentence even makes me a little queasy).

I have this online friend, a girl who loves God and everything in the Bible.

She also believes that God will destroy us and earth pretty soon and create a new earth and new humans without the problems we have.

I do not see that Hitler or a KKK has just a point of view, but rather a way of living which has an enormous negative impact on others.

He said: "Someday, I will change my sinful life and I'm afraid you will be still jerking off on my photo"!

I don't understand people with such magical thinking!

Most "God-loving goody two-shoes" are so busy ignoring their own sinful behavior that they seek some "sinful soul" to 'save'.

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I like her as a person but her faith is a little questionable.It is also wrong to think that all those that love God are against homosexuality.Where tolerance does not apply is where people try to impose their ideas on others (as do some religions, Hitler and the KKK).I don't really care what she thinks of me but it just annoys the shit out of me.

They heard nothing about it in the USSR - and now some of them "realise" that they "know the Truth".

I think tolerance does mean respecting a person no matter how much you disagree with their views.

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