Dating a guy with a crazy ex girlfriend

25-Mar-2015 14:27

Their relationship may be over, but that doesn't mean that his ex is truly in his past.Dealing with a guy’s ex girlfriend or ex wife can be an enormous challenge for the current women in his life.Of course there are situations where his ex may still have an effect on your relationshp even if they have no contact.In fact, some women find that dealing with the memory of an ex can be every bit as difficult as dealing with the actual person.If you are uncomfortable with the amount of time that your man spends with his ex, or you feel that their “friendly” outings almost cross over into the category of , then their relationship is certainly a problem for your relationship.Another indicator that his friendship with his ex poses a problem is if the three of you go out together and you feel like the odd person out rather than part of the couple instead of his ex being the extra person in this outing.Most often, an ex affects your relationship because she is still active in your man’s life.

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Continually Raves About His Ex or is Very Sentimental About Her If your guy cannot stop talking about how wonderful his ex is, then he is simply not over her yet and you are wasting your time.