Dating a puerto rican guy

09-Apr-2015 18:11

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Even those people who are reluctant to approach someone in real life, the task of finding out with someone on the web much easier and convenient.I am a Black woman (educated, not ghetto at all and no attitude) in early 30's, single and very open to Puerto Rican guys. I like the look, style, culture and dated a guy years ago and it was a great experience.So much so that the term "Negro" carries a positive connotation in Puerto Rico, and is a term of profound endearment.Being called "Negro" or "negrito" is one of the nicest things a person can say to another in PR, regardless of that person's skin color.All that being said, Puerto Ricans traditionally welcome and embrace black women, so long as they can reciprocate in like manner. Most families will welcome a son's beloved one regarless of her skin color, so long as she has class, charm, a warm smile, and is not all ghetto.

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Journals chronicling the experiences and poetry are included to give the site a more personal aspect.Online dating today is already an accepted trend and can be considered as the most popular way to meet people from all over the world.