Dating addictive personality

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Virtually 100% of us have been forced into crowds, for school, work, or otherwise. Throughout history, introverts have been known to contribute to society, with great creativity and courage: witness Rosa Parks, Gandhi, Eleanor Roosevelt, Darwin, Dr. Here are some highlights about introversion from the book Quiet that I found quite liberating.Research shows that babies that show a tendency toward high sensitivity to their environments grow up a sensitive, introverted adults.Yet, I can be quite animated one on one, I give great dinner parties and some people who meet me find it surprising to learn I'm an introvert personality.I do enjoy extroverts though (as long as I can have some Quiet time now and then) and according to the MBTI, one of my best matches is a big-hearted ENFP.That's why we make good listeners, good writers in some cases.When I did my MBA, I did the Myers Briggs and came up INTJ.

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If I'm in a focused conversation with someone, I enjoy myself.

But if not, the sea of voices around us edge their way in.

For four years, I had to be “TJ” as I completed that degree. I discovered my natural MBTI self two years after during a job interview.

I ended up still being an introvert personality with an intuitive twist – no surprise - but also ended up being an INFP “Feeling Perceiving” which was described as a Joan of Arc type who would die for her values. (turns out that's what this firm wanted and it was a great move for me — neat what happens when you're ruthlessly yourself) Something happens when I'm in a crowd.

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I hear nothing but a steady drone, my brain starts to fry and my eyes glaze over. The secret confession of an introvert personality: I'd rather be home doing laundry.In a crowd, I must look like such a drag to hang out with.