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27-Aug-2016 19:25

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what's the source that supports "There have been documented examples of women shrinking their waists as small as 16" through corset training."?

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And perhaps the abdominal belt unly are a style, because naturalisme is a modern style.

What are the sources for cartilage softening from corset wearing?

I do know that the muscles getting weak will be a problem, if the corset is worn almost always and the wearer do sports to compensate for the inactivity of e.g. Me is the sources of "cartilage softening from corset wearing" The stomach muscles do quickly grow is the woman take off the corset, and been too strong to the softed chest.

(This is Firefox 0.8 for Linux running in emulation on Free BSD, though Gecko should be the same across all Mozilla on all platforms.) The problem is that the thumbnailed version does not redraw properly, leaving all the black lines behind.

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Otherwise I think it should be deleted as nonsense.

Marnanel , (UTC) A possible origin of corset is a shining armour by cover of silk.

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