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04-Jan-2016 09:21

But he had nothing else to offer me, other than marriage. The conversation started and went straight onto marriage. The conversation was practical: he wanted to know which country I wanted to live in. When I suggested I would carry on working he balked at the idea as though my salary was a drop in the ocean compared to his stocks and shares. He said he could buy one tomorrow in cash but stocks and shares were better options and property was a poor investment. I then envisaged going to the loo and him dashing out the door with my laptop. There was no way I was going to date any of these, so I rang up Rajeev to tell him what a stupid idea it was. Needless to say my potential matches came to a complete halt. He said I had selected him as a ‘favourite’ and that was how he got my number. I could not quote believe this was happening as I was unaware these people had access to my mobile number. Then I got a message saying he had removed me from his matches.

This time he told me how loads of women had fallen for him but he had turned them all down. I carried my laptop in case he was late, put on my trendiest outfit and wore make-up. There was a vague resemblance: he had black hair and so did the picture, but otherwise he was thinner, less muscly, his hair was thinner, he looked older and was wearing glasses. I questioned: why was I meeting someone from a website who was worse than any man I already knew, including those I had declined to date? I have dated English men for a year and the ‘M’ word has never arisen once., and we have done all of that. We finally met at a café in a five star hotel in Juhu. The only thing he had above any man I knew was the fact he wanted to get married and, it seemed wanted to marry me. What girl would not be flattered by a man wanting to marry her? And here I was sitting in a five star hotel discussing marriage with a total stranger. But then what if he is an axe murderer or a robber? What I am doing considering marrying someone that could be an axe murderer? I had no idea where he lived, who he was, where he came from. How can I marry someone I feel this uncomfortable with? Actually despite not fitting my desired age profile, he was very good looking. That together with being a millionaire, I decide there was every point in meeting him.

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Taking his word for it and since online dating was ‘in’ in the west, I registered.

I was relieved as it was better than getting spammed every time I opened my account. Anyway, always open to new experiences I took the call. Plus this was my first actual conversation with anyone from the website – the rest had been mere virtual experiences.