Dating and other frightening experiences

17-Jan-2016 07:31

Nerd Love, both here and at Kotaku start off the same way: “I’ve never had a girlfriend”.

Healthy, rewarding relationships are possible for people living with HIV. If you choose to use online services, use the same precautions anyone using such services would use. Do not divulge too much personal information too soon.

Don't compromise your standards or settle for anyone less than you desire for fear of that person being your only choice. Do not let your guard down until you are sure the person you have met online can be trusted and is who he or she says she is. — Before your new relationship becomes sexual, whether oral, vaginal, or anal, HIV disclosure must occur.

Ask how they approached getting back into the dating scene after diagnosis and advice on things that you should consider. That being said, don't be afraid to get your feet wet. Before disclosing, assess the relationship and the person you are about to disclose to, as well as the surroundings/atmosphere. Is the relationship worth risking your confidentiality? HIV does not define who you are or what type of person you are.

HIV does not rob you of your desires, your goals, or your personality.

The first attempt at dating after you are diagnosed with HIV can be a very stressful, frightening experience.

There are some simple tips that will help make the experience much less difficult.