Dating aquarius women

03-Oct-2015 09:51

Especially with an Aquarius of the opposite sex, the chances are you’ll be strongly attracted to their best Aquarian qualities – like their friendliness, intelligence and originality.

But because we don’t tend to like our bad points when we see them reflected in somebody else, there will also be things about Aquarius people – most likely their unpredictability and perversity – that you’ll positively hate!

Which star signs does Aquarius get along with most easily?

What are the best – and the worst – compatibility matches for Aquarius?

For this reason, you should be cautious – in the absence of redeeming features – about folk born under the star signs of TAURUS and SCORPIO.

Because Geminis value their own freedom so highly, they find it relatively easier to handle Aquarius’s strongly independent streak.

Really excellent too, in terms of their ability to harmonize with logical Aquarius, while at the same time helping to galvanize it into action, are the passionate Fire signs SAGITTARIUS and ARIES, spaced by 60° – or next but one – from Aquarius.

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If so, better take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror!

Signs Least Compatible With Aquarius The truth is, Aquarius, your ideal compatibility match will rarely simply be a clone of yourself (how boring would that be! But neither, for that matter, should their star sign be too astrologically antagonistic to your own.

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