Dating asian women in new york city for

08-Nov-2014 14:01

She sends a daily crime digest to my inbox, along with harried commentary. " I usually skim through the messages and shrug them off.

Those things seem to happen to people I don't know, in neighborhoods I don't normally frequent, and I'm confident in my street smarts. So, when she zapped over an article about a man who'd allegedly been attacking Asian women in NYC with a blunt object, I was as blasé as ever.

A few weeks after our Facebook connection, he sent over the first invite to chat, which made me slightly uncomfortable.

It was not that the content raised a red flag per se, but more the timing and robotic quality of these chats: They would always pop up late at night, with a mention of my full name followed by a "Hi." The one time I wrote back, there was no response.

Later that day, I accepted his Facebook friend request without thinking twice.

This is how you meet cool new people in the city, right?

This happened five times over the course of our digital "friendship." It annoyed me a little, maybe even creeped me out, but it didn't sound any alarm.

On Monday evening, June 22, police found the body of Tyrelle Shaw, believed to be the man behind a recent string of attacks on Asian women in New York.Shaw appears to have hanged himself in the elevator shaft of a building on the Upper East Side, My mother, who lives in Hong Kong, freaks out every time there's a news story about something happening to an Asian woman in New York. " or"A student was robbed at gunpoint near Columbia — don't walk alone at night!