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Treating sex like a prize or an arbitrary milestone teaches us to suppress our sexual desires for the sake of gender and social norms.

The only question you should ask yourself when deciding if you want to have sex should be 'Do I want to have sex?

Oh, and don't forget to factor in your personal desires.

To add to all of that, the prevalence of online dating makes things a little more complicated: After those fateful right swipes, many women don't meet their match in person until the first date itself, which only amplifies those aforementioned fears and unhelpful commentary.

Of course, there's no "right" answer here -- our feeling is essentially, "you do you! "The first date is not enough time to talk about any past sexual history that may have resulted in diseases, diseases that I might be able to catch." "I would never have sex on a first date with someone.

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As people stay in the dating pool longer than ever before, women are continuously inundated with advice on whether or not to sleep with someone on the first date.

Making that decision often involves canceling out a lot of unhelpful noise (whether it's from your peers or from your date), not to mention worrying about scary stuff like STDs and the possibility of getting pregnant.