Dating case hunting knives

07-May-2015 20:54

R Case & Sons Cutlery better known as "Case XX Knives" is an American maker if high quality extremely collectible hand-made pocket knives, and hunting knives.

Case Knives are so collectible due to their one of a kind tang stamp dating system that has been used since the 1800s and has made them one of the most collectible cutlery brands.

In addition to offer their full product line, we partner with Case to offer exclusive special factory run knives and series.

Browning knife models are so diverse, there is one for every indoor or outdoor task you have at hand.

It turned out that Russ had an extreme knack for this art and has become a renowned, award-winning knife-maker.

What started as a hobby and the search for a better blade has led to numerous best-in-show awards.

Russ creates and personally field tests his designs to ensure that they meet the toughest standards -- his own.

Browning knives have taken care of skinning and dressing game and thousands of other jobs for nearly 40 years.

With the friendship and partnership between Browning and famed custom knife maker/designer Russ Kommer, Browning knives have reached a new level in quality and functionality.

We always said that Browning had every kind of knife you could want. For nearly 30 years Russ Kommer has earned his living as a highly respected big game hunting guide in Idaho and in Alaska.

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