Dating disciples

13-Aug-2016 20:39

Lord and Savior of the world." Belief in Christ as Savior is the only requirement for salvation.

The church itself does not engage in "speculative theology" and lets its individual members decide for themselves.

Jesus Christ - The Disciples' Confession states that "Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God ...

Communion - Open communion, where all Christians are welcome, was one of the reasons for the founding of the Christian Church.In the Lord's Supper, "the living Christ is met and received in the sharing of the bread and the cup, representative of the body and blood of Jesus." Ecumenism - The Christian Church constantly reaches out to other Christian denominations.One of the early goals was to overcome the differences among Christian faith groups.The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) belongs to the National Council of Churches and World Council of Churches and has had conversations with the Roman Catholic Church.

Bible - Disciples of Christ consider the Bible to be the inspired Word of God and recognize 66 books in the canon, but beliefs vary on the inerrancy of Scripture.Individual churches cover the spectrum from fundamentalist to liberal.

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