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Read the published contributions to these ongoing invited focus collections below or read our completed focus collections.

Focus on scanning probe microscopy Editors: Johannes Barth, Franz Giessibl and Rodolfo Miranda Closing date for submissions: 31 December 2016 The Focus Collection celebrates two key anniversaries in the field of scanning probe microscopy.

Focus on quantum information processing Editors: Jonathan Baugh and Xuedong Hu Closing date for submissions: 31 December 2016 The aim of this collection is to capture the latest advances in solid-state systems for quantum information processing (QIP) and quantum communication.

The focus is on meso- and nano-scale devices and structures that host, measure and control qubits or other quantum states useful for QIP.

Specific challenges include cell specific targeting of nano-scale RNAi delivery systems and endosomal escape.

Some of the ongoing focus collections below may still be open to new submissions; please see the relevant web page below for further details.It further explores the transition of big data science of dimensionality reduction and classification to physically based deep data approaches and history- and context-informed smart data technology.