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10-Oct-2016 05:05

Griner pleaded guilty to misdemeanor disorderly conduct six days later and entered a domestic violence diversion program.Johnson officially pleaded not guilty on July 15 after illustrating herself as the victim of the incident in a June 2 interview with "Being suspended seven games and not being able to do what I love, that hurt," Griner said. That made me never want to jeopardize basketball again.Court documents that were filed June 29 detail Johnson’s request that Griner pay ,000 per month in spousal support in addition to a ,000 advancement toward attorney fees.She became pregnant by in-vitro fertilization using donated sperm and Griner has no biological relationship to the unborn children.VIEW: Court documents on annulment Griner claimed in her initial annulment petition on June 5 that she was “pressured into marriage under duress” and said “fraudulent statements” were made by Johnson, according to Maricopa County (Ariz.) Superior Court court documents obtained by USA TODAY Sports.

There was a lot of learning and I tried to come back to the game with a better mindset and attitude."Despite the couple’s public controversy, they married on May 8.

Then 28 days later, Griner filed paperwork for annulment.

In a motion filed on July 13 to amend the annulment petition, Griner revealed that Johnson was texting an ex-boyfriend while the two were engaged.

The amended documents also detail Griner “recently discovering” Johnson’s “sexual relationship with a man” while the couple was dating.

Johnson, who announced she was pregnant just a day before Griner filed, was also suspended seven games by the WNBA for the couple’s April altercation.

She is sitting out the 2015 season for the pregnancy and announced on Instagram June 29 that she was having twins.