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For example, if you have a Japanese version of a browser, the browser typically assumes that you prefer pages in Japanese, and sends this information to the server.The details below tell you how to discover and change the language preferences if you need to.

This section sets the scene by briefly describing the technical details behind what is going on.

When your browser pulls a document from the Web, it sends a request to the server where the information is stored. With the request, the browser sends information about its to find content in the language(s) indicated in the HTTP request.

If your browser is set to request a language for a specific region, such as Canadian French, you should ensure that there is another language tag listed after it with just the vanilla language subtag (ie. You can use the Internationalization Checker to discover the language(s) currently being requested by your browser.

In many cases, the initial browser setting will meet your needs.

Sometimes a server may determine which language to send to you in a way that doesn't rely on the Accept-Language information.

For example, Google tends to use IP information to determine the language you will receive.