Dating extreme in neediness relationship

20-Aug-2015 20:13

dating extreme in neediness relationship-73

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But it’s easy to fall into a pattern of always pretending everything is fine, even when the insecurity becomes really damaging.

Feeling insecure in a relationship is horrible for the one who is feeling the insecurity.

Chronic insecurity in your relationship is a major problem. And your most intimate relationships have the biggest effect of all.

This article was mainly addressed to those who are .

A common recurring theme of these accounts is how isolating it can feel to find yourself in a relationship with someone who is deeply insecure.

But it’s also tough for the person on the end of all that insecurity.

And this is one major reason why extreme insecurity can be so damaging.Because ‘reassurance’ is what insecure people want most, and anyone can and the effect that has on the relationship as a whole.

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