Dating gestures that impress women problems with women dating younger men

22-Jan-2015 18:11

The part about being properly dressed for all occasions requires a bit more work. Consistent practice: He does it all the time, naturally. It’s Monday morning and Peggy feels more harassed than usual as she rushes to work.

Men (and women) who learn about the nuances of dressing appropriately for the occasion demonstrate their appreciation for meaningful social interactions by finding out about event dress codes, especially if they’re part of the program. Being other-centered: He focuses on the other person. She detours to a nearby Starbucks to escape the sudden downpour.

Perhaps it has to do with not knowing how a gentleman looks and behaves and forgetting that gentlemanly behavior thrives with the complementary participation of ladies.

For every, longed-for gentlemanly gesture, women need to ask themselves if they are ready to appreciate and match such courteous behavior.

by Luwee Francia Do you smile wistfully at the perfect-sounding male profiles in a dating site?

Why do many forget this simple, mood-lifting gesture?

Because of a lack of awareness and being other-centred.

I asked women friends of varying ages, “What does a gentleman look like?

” Their replies centered on gentlemanly behavior rather than looks. “Which man at a restaurant, bar, or hotel lobby would look like a gentleman? In a plush place like a hotel, the well-dressed guy in the suit is normally considered a ‘gentleman’. A gentleman to me can be long-haired, with a full beard, or wearing board shorts.” It’s not the clothes then that make a gentleman.

The common expectation is: “A gentleman looks neat, is well-groomed, and is properly dressed for every occasion.” Gentlemen value themselves and match their appearance to project who they are.

They make an effort to appear neat, smell nice, and wear clean, ironed clothes that fit reasonably well.