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Salamon says a lack of dating in the Orthodox community is the cause of marriage problems. - The Jewish Star Much has been written about marriage and relationships.

"Some have suggested that, in the Orthodox world, we simply do not believe in romance."By Michael J. Some have suggested that, in the Orthodox world, we simply do not believe in romance, as real love supposedly happens only after marriage.

But the Talmud in Kiddushin (41a) states that prospective spouses must meet to determine their compatibility for a proper marriage to occur. Meeting, dating and getting to know one another, and especially becoming friends, is a time proven system for finding a spouse that Jewish tradition strongly adheres to.While there should be magic, it is not of this type.Even after marriage there is often a dearth of appropriate communication between the spouses.There is, in fact, a growing body of evidence in the professional literature that this has become an expanding problem in Orthodox marriages even to the point of difficulty in developing a sense of closeness and familiarity within a marriage.

When we add to this mix the volatility that comes from being overindulged and overprotected well into the late teens and early twenties, we are left with young men and women who feel no need to even try to get to know anyone else.

Many of our young men and women have placed themselves on a pedestal and want to marry someone who can keep them there, even in financially troubling times.