Dating latin american women

20-Nov-2014 12:41

She'll likely value family and having her own family.

She'll likely live with her family until she starts her own.

These are some things I've heard but I'm not sure if they're all correct. American dating is incredibly superficial and sex-driven in comparison to Mexican dating. I really only have experience with women from small cities and DF.

Children tend to not move out of their home until they marry. Is she Mexican-American, did she immigrate, is she living in a small Mexican town, small city, or from a major Mexican city like DF, Guadalajara, or Monterrey?

Outside of certain circles in the big cities, it's very hard to find a latin woman who is an intellectual.

It's hard to find a good conversation partner.

She'll likely be quite jealous and protective. She'll likely play more into the lady-like traditional role.

They are encouraged to be cute, feminine, and play the traditional woman's role.

She'll likely value PDA and be quite an affectionate partner.

Cons Most Latin guys cheat on their women at some point so she'll expect you to.

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