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22-Jun-2015 00:03

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At the recent Sex in Video Games conference, artist and now game maker Andrea Fryer spoke up for the medium suggesting that meeting in MMOs has advantages over traditional dating.

Here she summarizes the case for romance in MMOs: Would you be shocked if I told you that not only are game-spawned relationships common, but I'd also claim they are one of the best ways to get to know someone, especially if you are a big city person in the western culture where people are so careful, picky and paranoid when it comes to romance.

They go on dates, have fun, enjoy romantic dinners and have great sex.

Each are convinced that the other must surely be the most charming person in the world. But not once are they a) put in danger b) attacked c) forced to deal with conflict, so of course it's easy to be charming.

For instance he's 19 & lives with his mom and she is a 35 year-old housewife.

Notwithstanding this let’s consider different ways people get to know each other through three example set ups: Classic dating - couple meet "in the flesh" - at a bar, gym, etc.

Meeting potential romantic partners in MMOs is often seen as bad idea.

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The bottom line is that they have total control over the image they present to the other and can appear to be Mister/Miss Dream. Game dating - couple meet (either live/online/in the game) and decide to spend time together in-game.They have now stepped into an arena which has removed much of their control over fate and the couple are subjected to a whole array of spontaneous situations which demand immediate reaction, bringing out either the best or the worst in the other person.Please note that actually meeting someone compatible in a game may prove to be more challenging though.Even though souls easily connect, other things may not.

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In fact, they'll probably be on their very best behavior for months on end and their worst sides may remain in hibernation - for years even.

Internet dating - couple meet online then find themselves chatting every evening, sending long, deep emails etc.