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The palms of Madagascar are not yet well known, but 130 species belonging to 21 genera are recorded and at least 14 of the genera are found only on the island.

No species, except the European fan palm and the pantropical cultivated spanning about 52,864 hectares, has 111 species representing 20 genera.

The northernmost palm is the European fan palm (, is limited to a few limestone outcroppings in the Langkawi Islands off the Malay Peninsula.

The island of New Caledonia has 17 genera and 32 species of palms, all of them endemic.

In humans and other animals growth can occur in most parts of the body.

As we mature, our bones, skin and muscle all increase in size. Trees grow by producing new cells in a very limited number of places.

These places of cell division are called meristems. They are where all new cells are formed and where they expand.

These centres are bounded roughly by latitudes 44° N and 44° S, though the greatest abundance lies primarily between latitudes 30° N and 30° S.

These distributions correspond more or less with zones having mean annual temperatures of 15 and 21 °C (60 and 70 °F) and, with rare exceptions, to areas having 500 mm (20 inches) or more of rainfall per year.