Dating persistence

04-Feb-2015 19:50

Pursuing a girl is much more complex than the hunter and the hunted in the wild.It's a battle of minds, and it depends on circumstance, timing, and discipline. Which characteristic do you appreciate more when being pursued?I used to go about it according to the saying: I'd let a girl know I was into her and I'd try different ways to get in touch with her.This doesn't mean I bothered her three times a day with calls and emails.Aggressiveness—like a hunter..someone who is more like a soldier: stoic?Here are some examples of persistence that I have seen fail right before my eyes: My friend met a guy out and gave it a shot with him, and decided she wasn't attracted to him.

Since those dark ages, I've told myself that if a girl wants to get in touch with me, she will do so after my first call..if she's going to make me play games and chase her, then she's not worth it. He actually looks more like a baby carnivore that barely fit walk, let alone pursue and catch prey.She stopped texting and emailing him back, but he kept going for weeks afterward.Not only did he keep texting, but each text he sent proposed getting together., but—of course—if we try to apply this rule to the dating world, it's turned on its head.

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I have never seen a situation where being persistence in the initial stages has landed a girl.'Another friend of mine met a guy out randomly and he texted her the next day.