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I’m not ashamed to admit that I have a slight obsession with my nails.

I get a manicure once a week and, in between, usually paint my nails myself when they start to chip.

I have at least 100 bottles of nail polish – Essie, OPI, Butter London, Deborah Lippmann and Ciate are my favorite brands.

If my nails look terrible, I can’t feel as put-together as I’d like.

Snip a tiny piece of a tea bag off, put it on the broken area and seal it there with nail glue. Source: Pinterest It stinks when you find an awesome nail polish color, get a great manicure...

and then it starts chipping or fading after two days. To prevent that from happening, quickly soak your nails in white vinegar just before you apply your nail polish.

I've also heard that putting nail polish remover on your nails right before you paint them makes your manicure last longer - they do it in the nail salon for a reason, right?

Source: Pinterest Salons sometimes have spray cans you can use to make your nail polish dry faster.

Instead of spending money on one of your own, you can substitute with PAM Cooking Spray instead.

Just spray, let dry for a minute and then wipe off.