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28-Jun-2015 00:18

Many who have engaged in the process of finding love can attest that the journey can be daunting and fraught with disappointment.

Right is a highly personal and time-consuming process.

In 2005, Cantarella began her journey as a matchmaker and dating coach working in New York City.

After years of gaining matchmaking and date coaching experience, she recognized an unmet need for singles in New Jersey and launched New Jersey’s Matchmaker in 2010.

“One is they have exhausted all other avenues to find a match.

They have tried online dating, singles events, being set up by friends, but none have yielded the results they were hoping to achieve.

She spent years working with people in clinical settings - including the psychiatric department at Hackensack University Medical Center - before shifting her skill set to the matchmaking arena.The second is that they are high profile, have demanding work schedules and going online is not an option.