Dating profile shirtless

11-Oct-2016 10:52

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Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... Not hugely muscular, not fat, but decently toned, or at least flat with some decent arms, do the girls like to see a shirtless picture at all, or not at all on the profile. I honestly don't see the issue so many women have with shirtless pictures.

I've done it a couple of times..let me tell you, none of those guys should have been shirtless. Saw one last night, and in every photo he is posed like a model.

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As other posters said, if you're in a setting where shirtless is appropriate (i.e. Those pictures in the bathroom mirror, eww - the creepiest are the ones staring into a webcam. I also agree with skyzeus in the difference between what attracts men and women in general. I agree with a lot of the posters, a casual pic taken when you were out doing something with y0ur shirt off is "okay", but the ones when you are holding your camera phone on yourself taking pictures of your body, PLEASE, no thank you! If the guy is doing something outside that calls for doffing the shirt, that is fine.

Guys that do that are generally good for one thing,,,,,, themselves. And they have this option for you to critic photos and help the mods rid the site of them. Pics of someone playing beach volleyball, on a boat, working in the yard on a hot day, or perhaps doing a little cagefighting, are fine with me as they are all context appropriate.

If a guy works hard on his body and has pride in it, I really don't see the problem with a topless photo.

As long as ALL the photos arn't topless, posing-in-the-mirror types, it's fine.

He left no wiggle room to justify why some pics are OK and some are not. Cowboy The only shirtless pics I would want to see are those from well-built, tanned, not too hairy guys. I t was over twenty years old but I identified it as such. I really have seen some of the most disgusting sites and can not for the life of me figure out WHY on earth they thought they should display their shirtless bodies...