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30-Aug-2016 20:58

If you're high-maintenance, use subtle verbiage to convey that message."In that process you can get in there all kinds of personality traits and nuances that will communicate to a prospective date whether they feel you're someone they can take on financially," Oren says.

Good writing structure and grammar are important, but the ultimate goal is to make an impression on someone you haven't met yet.

: The Hollywood Publicist's Guide to Successful Internet Dating."How do you do that without a line that says, "Six figures or less need not apply?

"It's all in the profile."As a successful woman, if you are looking to try to find someone who is as successful as you, if not more so, figuring out a way to be honest about who you are is the most important thing," says Oren.

Technology has come so far, yet daters in the digital age must make a good first impression with the old-fashioned written word -- at least in online dating. For instance, a strong disinclination toward dating people of certain shapes, sizes or colors should be kept under wraps, even though no one would argue that physical attraction is one of the central themes in dating.

The art of crafting a great online dating profile is not just about sharing your awesomeness with the world; after all, that's what the rest of the Internet is for. Custom dictates that screening for attributes such as looks, weight and height be done obliquely.

This requires more skill than a traditional writing endeavor.

To build a profile that reflects who you are and what you want, carefully craft your interests and speak eruditely about your life, "being very specific in your endeavors and description of yourself," says Oren.

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Crafting the perfect profile is very similar to employing smart marketing or public relations tactics.Daters need to market themselves in the most flattering, yet honest, light possible.