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02-Feb-2015 14:41

But what long irked the host was the station's failure over the years to help raise any money for his show, which costs about million per year to produce.

PBS officials in Washington kick in million annually, but the rest Smiley raises by going hat in hand to corporate sponsors such as Wal-Mart."What has rubbed me raw for these seven years is that when we started this relationship with KCET it was supposed to be a partnership," Smiley said.

'We're working on it, we're having our own issues trying to raise our own money.' …

I'm right here on the lot."I literally got a phone call as KCET was making the statement publicly, as this story was breaking," he added. I didn't even find out about this until hours after it had been announced."But it turns out the station's decision was merely the breaking point in Smiley's long-tense relations with KCET.

He says he's grateful that the station has provided him studio space at what he characterizes as below-market rates.

"To be here on the lot, produced here, and to be out of the loop is just unconscionable.

It's unthinkable, it's untenable, it's unacceptable. To keep PBS out of the loop is a problem, but they're thousands of miles away.

"As I move around the city, the feeling is for me palpable of how disappointed the citizens are about this decision."After wrangling for months with network officials over dues and other issues, KCET is dropping virtually its entire lineup of PBS shows, including "Sesame Street," "Antiques Roadshow," "Nova" and "Frontline," and will replace them with a patchwork of BBC repeats and news programs and documentaries from Japan, Canada and elsewhere. and which KCET will also lose, occupies a unique spot in that PBS firmament.

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"For seven years, KCET has not raised a single dime for this program.

I was never supposed to be producer, host, chief marketer and fundraiser."Asked whether he pressed KCET over the matter, Smiley replied: "We get a bunch of chatter but no results.

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