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In the period between the World Wars, and in the decades after, many famous artists made ramekins.

They continued until cheap imports and copies almost killed them off in the 1970s. With a typical volume of 50-250 ml (2-8 oz), it is a small fireproof glass or earthenware individual dish similar in size and shape to a cup, or mould used for cooking or baking and serving sweet or savoury foods.various food dishes, designed to be put into hot ovens and to withstand high temperatures.

They then became “Highland China (Scotland) Ltd but ceased trading in the 1980s due to the economic downturn at the time.

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However, there are hundreds of decorative ramekins that came in a variety of shapes and sizes. Also remember, two handles makes it a casserole dish. Matte white glaze to interior and exterior with hand painted pattern in brown oxide to mid section of exterior. Aviemore Potteries was a brand used by Castlewynd Studios Ltd Gifford Gates, Inverdruie Aviemore Scotland PH22 1QH.

They came in countless colours and finishes and many were made by our leading artists and ceramicists. But the glory day of the Australian Studio Art ramekin is well and truly over. Also, please note If it aint got a handle, it's just a bowl. Sometimes something completely different crosses my path. It is difficult to find much information on this company, other than pictures on EBay. Castle Wynd Studios began in 1950 at Castle Wynd Edinburgh.

It was incorporated in 1976, some ten years after Aviemore Potteries began.

James Gillon Crawford began the company and was their Ceramics Designer.

They were originally made of ceramics but have also been made of glass or porcelain, commonly in a round shape with an angled exterior ridged surface.

Ramekins have more lately been standardized to a size with a typical volume of 50-250 ml (2-8 ounce) and are now used for serving a variety of sweet and Because they are designed to hold a serving for just one person, they are usually sold in sets of four, six, or eight.

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