Dating ru auth php

12-Oct-2016 10:04

Step:-4 In some cases the default setting for uri_protocol does not work properly.

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Fiddler plugin for google chrome show me this: Request URL: Request Method: GET Status Code: 200 yandex_gid: 222 yandexuid: 19322091443889446 __utma: 190882677.1023798012.1443974119.1444654327.1444718433.16 __utmz: 190882677.1444072711.6.2.utmcsr __utmv: 190882677.|2 M__yandex_ua: 1444812668/0 Session_id: 44813159.5.0.1444813159770:v PVxs A:82.0|337149199.0.2|135441.757183.d_Hddn9ji1GDUvv Ymr BNWj1GYXU sessionid2: 44813159.5.0.1444813159770:v PVxs A:82.1|337149199.0.2|135441.738631.

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