Dating scams on skype safe dating tips for teens

19-Nov-2014 04:57

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It’s not just online dating agencies that are being used by scammers in search of lonely-heart victims.

Crooks have also started using the Skype video service to target and trap potential dupes into a potentially horrendous extortion scam.

After that, they get bombarded with spam-type messages, links to malicious websites or, increasingly, attempts to kindle an online romance.

This can lead to the familiar online dating scam in which the scammer builds up the trust of their victim to the point where they ask for money to bail them out of one problem or another.

Simply put, they get their victims to reveal, say or do things in front of the camera that they shouldn’t.

What the victim doesn’t know is that their new “friend” is using software to record the video.

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As we reported a few weeks back in our annual Top 10 list, So too is the use of Skype as a potential channel for con tricks.

If you’re a Skype user, you may already have received contact requests from people you don’t know.

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