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Martha Power, which schools did you attend in Richmond Hill, and when, your name sounds familiar to me. I'm feeling homesick lately and find myself drawn to things past this Christmas night.

from where the RKO used to be and down that block toward Jamaica Ave. Stanley, the owner, used to accompany us kids back into the kitchen to visit and see the cooking. Seems like there was a Christian Science bookstore right around there and an art's supply store where my folks bought me modeling clay. Years later when we lived in Miami we were amazed when a Jahn's opened near the Americana Hotel. May we all have a good year with good health, good jobs, safe in our homes and loving friends and family surrounding us through the year, this is my wish to all.

Anyone remember the Chinese restaurant across Myrtle Ave. Hello, Happy New Year to all Richmond Hill, residents and former residents.

My usual thoughts of the holidays always include RH and childhood and of course the "good sisters" at HCJ.

In the post WWII baby boom, most families that sprouted up in the early 50s began with very little.

As such Christmas was a time of splurging on things like special desserts - many were ethnically based, and hand down from generation to generation.

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It shaped us; we shaped it and down deep inside, it has left a lasting imprint in our hearts. So, I guess you can take the girl out of the Hill but you can't take the Hill out of the girl after all. Martha I graduated in 1961 and lost track of just about everyone from my class.

Thank you all for this woderful vehicle to travel down memory lane. I wear what I call the "ancestor necklace" made of silver charms: a Big Apple, a Star of David, a Crucifix, the Chinese character for God, a subway token and a heart representing my parents and all the people in Richmond Hill who made me who I am. Merry Christmas, old neighborhood, your avenues bedecked with lights. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who knows the whereabouts of Sylvia Meltzer, Gloria Lambert and/or Barrie O'Brien.

We recently were granted landmark status and we are hoping to hear from former alumni and administrators to kind of gather up a who's who at what are they doing now. I read recently that although we have aged, so has the world.

Many thanks, Marty Munitz To all, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all Richmond Hillie's, may you all enjoy warmth, love, good companionship, and also the wonderful food of the Christmas Season.

We also should spend quality time in our favorite house of worship thanking Mary, Joseph, and the Little Baby Jesus for all the wonderful inspiration and love they have instilled in each and everyone of us throughout the years.For us, it was things like struffoli, torrone crescent shaped anise cookies, a grain pudding with pectin, and fruit cakes.