Dating sites for interesting people

25-Feb-2015 06:02

“To coincide with our launch we’ve worked with Dr Simon Moore of The British Psychological Society to create a 60-second test that scores how interesting a person is, out of 100.

It’s called The Quirky-Interesting Test and we’re harnessing it to exclude any ‘unexciting’ types at sign-up.

Does it really matter that Love Flutter is adding to that pool? Psychologist Dr Petra Boynton explained to me that she’s spent years giving advice to people who've been “made to feel rubbish and under-confident for not being ‘good’ at dating, or who believe themselves to be ‘boring’ or ‘undatable’".

What if something you'd tweeted had amassed 21,000 RTs because people hate you and think you're an idiot?

What if you’ve not been to any gigs in the last six months, but you are a regular at Pedestal or the Royal Opera House… Clearly, none of these questions have anything much to do with how interesting you are. It may, however, exclude people who aren’t wealthy enough to go abroad three times in six months, or educated enough to be able to speak three languages, or able-bodied enough to be up for gigs and bungee jumps.

"Interesting" in this case seems to be employed as a synonym for “a middle-class professional with conventional interests”.

There are plenty of dating websites with dodgy matching methods.

Potential members must pass the test in order to join Love Flutter.” Wow.An innovative new test backed by a real-life scientist who deems himself an authority on what is "quirky" and "interesting"?