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05-Feb-2016 09:14

I was so hopeful that America would not only have elected Hillary Clinton as our first female president, but that we would show the world that we are not a nation that tolerates hate, misogyny, racism, sexism, xenophobia, or bullying.

That we can’t ever stop trying to do better and be better.

I didn’t tell them that I I made them pancakes, because pancakes on a Wednesday are special.

What I didn’t tell them about is the rage I feel that our country chose a presidential candidate endorsed by the KKK.

They know about those guys and that would terrify them.

I didn’t tell them about how disrespected and disregarded I feel as a black woman, or how sick I am over the fear that was struck in the hearts of Muslim Americans and immigrant families all over the country last night.I didn’t tell them about the bitterness I feel over this campaign’s normalization and validation of hate and misogyny.

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