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05-Sep-2016 15:12

The references must show what your writing is based on, and this requires substantial referencing.Much of your writing, although your own, will be based on books or articles, lectures, web pages or other sources. If, for example, a paragraph has drawn ideas heavily from a book, you could put a reference to it at the end of the paragraph. It is particularly important to reference the evidence for your interpretation, argument or evaluation.References are needed for most forms of academic writing, including essays, reports and dissertations.If you read what needs referencing carefully you will realise that references are not something you should leave to the end. References (also called "citations") show the reader what different aspects of your work are based on.

If you have argued that a theorist holds a certain view, there should be references to places where the view is expressed, and these should include the page numbers.

The numbers system puts a number in the text, at a point where a reference is needed, which links to a numbered footnote, or reference at the end of the article, which gives the author, publication and page number referred to. In many recent academic books this will usually be a bibliography of books referred to in the book, and it will relate to you list the books and articles which you consulted in preparing the essay.

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