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However, one slide appears to have been produced specifically for LSC, in 1868 (Figure 2).

Several identical examples of this mount are known, indicating that it was not a one-off.

Their cameras and lenses were well regarded, and can often be found in good condition at auctions.

The majority of these were produced by professional slide-makers, with their personal labels (Figure 1).

Other slides by the maker of the right slide are moderately abundant, most of which do not have an LSC label. Microscope slides that appear to have been produced specifically for LSC.The only known form of the LSC label states addresses of 110 Regent Street and 54 Cheapside, even though they are known to have been applied to slides sold after the business expanded to other addresses (see Figure 2). The handwriting is that of professional slide-maker Charles M. Advertisements for this slide of platinocyanide of thallium began appearing in 1868.Primarily a photography studio and retailer of photographic equipment and supplies, the London Stereoscopic and Photographic Company (LSC) also sold items related to microscopy and other Victorian pastimes.Microscope slides from that era are occasionally found that bear a yellow LSC label.

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This was after the Regent Street shop had been expanded to include both numbers 108 and 110.

Note that the label mentions only the 110 Regent St.