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09-Apr-2016 16:22

But that doesn't make it much easier to grapple with, because sometimes your gut instinct is far more dominant and usually correct in retrospect, though, we choose to ignore it for reasons only our heart knows.

I've ignored my instincts too many times to count, especially in my dating experiences. I battled a three-year war between my heart and instincts with the guy I dated before my husband. In the middle of a fight, where I was clearly in the right, he always turned it around and made me look like the bad guy. So many nights ended in tears where I considered breaking up with him.

Sometimes the heart's call tries to overpower instincts, and it's up to you to draw the line.

Your heart and your instincts are often at war, and there's always a blurred line between them.

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God would get me through it, keep me in that state of comfort.

But God speaks through your gut, that buried instinct He gave you.